Conditions of use


Webgunea erabiltzean, erabiltzaileak konpromisoa hartzen du Tus Apellidos Vascos eta gainontzekoen irudia, interesak eta eskubideak ez dituela kaltetuko, By using this Website, every User hereby assumes and accepts his, or her, comprise to never behave in any way that might damage the image, interests and rights of Tus Apellidos Vascos and/or any Third-Parties or ever behave in such a manner as to damage, disable or cripple or otherwise impede or effect the normal use of this Website in any way.

Tus Apellidos Vascos takes all necessary steps to detect the existence of computer viruses and eliminate them. However, Users must be aware that security measures on such computer systems as Internet are not totally reliable. Accordingly, Tus Apellidos Vascos cannot guarantee that no viruses or other elements exist that may affect computer systems (software and hardware) pertaining to the User and/or his, or her, electronic documents and files stored on the User’s computer system.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

The intellectual property rights of the Website, its design, navigation and all other elements that comprise it belong to the Company, which has the exclusive exploitation rights to the same in all forms, with particular emphasis regarding reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation in accordance with Spanish law and all applicable EU laws.

By accepting these Conditions of Use, all Users implicitly accept and acknowledge that they have no right whatsoever to any intellectual property and/or industrial rights related to this Website or any of the elements of which it is made up. All unauthorised reproduction is expressly prohibited, as is any transformation, distribution, public communication, availability, extraction, re-use, forwarding, and use in any way or manner whatsoever, except in those instances in which it is legally permitted and has been previously expressly authorised in writing by Tus Apellidos Vascos.

Users must refrain from obtaining, or attempting to obtain, any content offered on the Website by their use of different media and processes provided in each case and placed at their disposal or otherwise provided by the Website. Users must always respect all intellectual and industrial property rights regarding the Website and its contents and the proprietary rights of Tus Apellidos Vascos and/or any Third-Parties at all times.


The fact that Tus Apellidos Vascos may include links to Third-Party Websites on its own Website does not imply that it accepts any responsibility whatsoever regarding the afore-mentioned Third-Party Website, its contents or use. Neither does the Company accept any responsibility whatsoever for the use of any products and/or services provided on the Third-Party Website. Accordingly, we strongly recommend Users to consult the terms, conditions and policies of these afore-mentioned Third-Party Websites before they use them.

Hyper-links to this Website may be used, provided that the said hyper-link (1) never leaves any trace or modifies or alters the Browser or the Company’s Website in any way, (2) does in no way suggest that Tus Apellidos Vascos approves of or otherwise endorses the services offered by the Website to which a User has placed a hyper-link, and (3) the hyper-link does not lead to a Website offering illegal content or content that might be considered unlawful or offensive and/or might possibly induce Users to commit any unlawful act or break the law. The User is the only person responsible for these hyper-links and Tus Apellidos Vascos reserves the right to demand their elimination.