Investigation team

Historians and makers of film documentaries with proven experience

We are the same team of professionals that is behind the series “All the Basque Surnames” (“Todos los apellidos vascos”) and “Origins” (“Orígenes”) broadcast by EiTB, the Basque television channel. We know exactly how to delve into your past family history and reconstruct those tiny episodes that have shaped your family history over the years. We do not limit ourselves to simply supplying you with a list of names, surnames and places: our in-depth research will permit you to place your own piece of family history into its true global historical context

We provide direct and personalised attention at all stages of the investigation process and are completely open to every suggestion. We’re prepared to do everything we possibly can to ensure that the final results of our investigations meet with the demands of your personal search for your family background.

Maite Ibáñez

Historian with a long experience as a researcher of the Basque archival records. I have penned several patrimonial works for the Basque Government and books about Euskal Herria’s modern and contemporary history. In the audiovisual field, I have directed Todos los Apellidos Vascos and Origen, broadcast by  ETB.

Maite Esparza

Journalist and vocational storyteller. For more than twenty years I have been working as a communicator in Bilbao, Barcelona and Pamplona, as a reporter, columnist, presenter and also as a screenwriter for several documentaries and ETB’s Todos los Apellidos Vascos and Origen. I have also published a book of short stories and various informative works.