Discover your origins

Live a unique experience and learn about your roots

The most important events that marked your family history: the origins of your predecessors, the typical Basque house where they originally lived, when and with whom they got married, how many children they had, their estates, wills and testaments, what they did for a living, possible sailings to the New World, the Spanish Civil War and exile …. Discover exactly where you come from.

Your family history in an exclusive book

The unique, true story about your past illustrated with documents and photographs, complete with your family tree

We’ll delve deeply into your family history and examine a vast variety of documents conserved in all kinds of formats before writing the true story of your family history that we’ll illustrate with family photographs, reproductions of original documents and your very own family tree.

Historically-precise, well-documented research of your origins.

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A journey back to your beginnings

Visit the Basque Country (Euskal Herria) and discover your roots. We’ll organise a bespoke trip that will not only take you to the Basque house where your predecessors originally lived, but also the towns and villages they lived in so that you’ll be able to experience the same countryside as they did, acquaint yourselves with local customs and maybe even get to know new relatives.

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An unforgettable encounter

We’ll help you organise a VERY special event. We’re the best possible present you can give to celebrate ANY special occasion, whether it be a wedding anniversary, birthday, retirement party, corporate event, etc. during which you’ll be able to share the results of the research into your family with your relations, friends, work colleagues, etc.…

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