A book containing your family history

In-depth, fully-documented research results in a book written exclusively for you

Make a gift of a unique, personalised work

Understand who you are and where you come from. Discover your identity in the pages of a book that contains not only the history of your family, but places it in its true historic context.

Your book with an oak front cover
(From 1.900 euros)

All the information related to your predecessors that can be gleaned from parish archives and civil registries: when they were born, who they married, the children they had, where they lived and died. The story of your family history together with a family tree and map showing the geographical movements of your family. All of which will be edited with photographs, other graphic elements, footnotes and reproductions of the unearthed documents in which your family is mentioned. The story containing all this valuable information will then be written and bound in a book with oak wood covers – oak being one of the signs of our Basque identity – with your family surname carved on the cover.

Perhaps you’d be interested in carrying out an more exhaustive search to discover even more fascinating details about your roots?? In this case, in addition to all the previously-mentioned sections, our teams of special researchers would delve even deeper into specialised archives, such as the Indian Archives, military records, County Council and protocol archives, etc. Of course, all this research will uncover much more information about your family and might even uncover some previously-unknown facets of some of your family members. You’ll certainly be surprised – and perhaps even shocked – by the results of this much more minute research; you’ll learn, for instance, about their individual stories of war, exile and emigration, litigations, court cases, duels, unknown professions, trades and jobs, their possible links to nobility… we’ll even discover where the very first house to bear your family’s name was situated! If you’d like to dig even deeper into the past, then please drop us an Email asking us for a quote for all this extra research that will answer some of the hidden questions that could not possibly be addressed in the “simpler”, abridged version of your book.

You will also be given the opportunity of printing several examples of your family history in exactly the same format as the book you commission us to write about YOUR family history because we feel sure that other members of your family would enthusiastically welcome the chance to read the story of your family too. Each of these additional volumes will also be bound in exactly the same personalised way as yours.

And, since these additional books are probably gifts for you and your family, each will come specially gift-wrapped.

Format: 30 x 30 cm. Printed in full colour. Oak wood covers with your surname and the crest of Your Basque Surnames (Tus Apellidos Vascos) laser-carved on the cover.

Discover the history of your predecessors at the hands of:

  • a team of rigorously-expert, historical researchers
  • … a journalist with considerable narrative and editorial experience
  • … historic documents, original reproductions of birth, marriage and death certificates, wills and testaments, official council censuses, police censuses, lawsuits, court cases and litigation, certificates of noble lineage…
  • … photographs
  • … the geographic itinerary of your family down through the ages
  • … a family tree
  • … a personalised written article about your surname and roots.
Enjoy a completely-personalised experience

Please complete the following form to receive additional information and a quotation.

Your family history all in one bookA journey back to your originsAn unforgettable encounter

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Enjoy a completely-personalised experience

Please complete the following form to receive additional information and a quotation.

Your family history all in one bookA journey back to your originsAn unforgettable encounter

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  • “Discovering my mother’s side of the family by tracing her surname of Embil was simply amazing! Thanks for such considerate research,”

  • “It’s amazing to see centuries-old documents mentioning my family all gathered together in one book…”.

    — IRUNE, Gernica
  • “Discovering what really happened to my grandfather in the Spanish Civil War has been a tremendous relief to us all”,

    — ASIER, Laguardia

Who is it aimed at?

Everyone who has at least, one Basque third-generation surname. no matter where they’re from or where they live: the Basque Country (Euskal Herria), the Basque diaspora, descendants, etc…

It will be of great interest to both individuals and entire families interested in learning more about their roots.

Companies and institutions who would like to investigate a specific person’s genealogy.

Business professionals who require a special genealogical investigation to be carried out: matters concerning wills and testaments, properties, certificates, …

How can I commission research into my genealogy?

  1. 1

    Ask for more information

    Please complete the form on our Website with:

    your first eight Basque surnames
    names and places of birth of your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

  2. 2

    Personalised attention

    Our team of historians/researchers will start work using the information you’ve given us and will get in touch with you again within 30 days of their receiving the information to inform you of their progress.

  3. 3

    Investigation development

    Our historians and investigators first consult public archives directly, whereafter we then study all the information gathered and come to our conclusions. This is when we ask you to send us all the family material in your possession (photographs, articles, personal letters, etc.) in order to start designing your personalised book.
    Level 1 Investigation. We gather all the information related to your predecessors from parish archives and civil registries and then use all this information to draw up your family tree, complete with photographs, family articles and reproductions of documents in which your predecessors are mentioned. All these will be included in a hardcover book.
    Level 2 Investigation. We complement the previously-mentioned information with facts and details regarding personal fortunes, family dwelling-places, litigations, lawsuits, contracts, wills and testaments, etc. that we investigate by consulting more specific types of archives (provincial archives, council archives, notary archives, military archives and the General Archive of the Indies). All these findings will be included in a personalised book whose front cover is made of oak.

  4. 4


    Depending upon what you would like, we’ll adjust your personalised quotation accordingly.

  5. 5

    Forms of payment

    • Once you’ve sent us the family details we request, you will pay a deposit of 50% of the total amount of our quote before we begin our investigations. We will provide you with our bank account number so that you can transfer funds easily. When we have completed our investigations, you will then pay the remaining 50% of the quote. Just as soon as we receive this second payment, we shall despatch the book to the address you care to indicate.
    • In the case of personalised quotations, you will be informed of the amount that should be paid initially.