Privacy policy

The aim of the current Privacy Policy is to establish how data of a personal nature supplied by Users using services associated with this Website is used. Consequently, Users may freely decide whether they want to supply us with this information, or not, when they complete the Forms on the Website. Similarly, our Privacy Policy regulates the treatment of that data of a personal nature supplied by Users in the past through their use of other means other than those on the Website and related to its contents and that information of a personal nature which may be supplied by Users in the future according to this Privacy Policy, always inasmuch as any step does not contravene what has been expressly accepted by Users at the moment of their supplying their personal data, which will always be respected in all cases.

All data provided by Users will be used, strictly only and exclusively, to those ends contemplated and foreseen in the procedure or actuation treated. Under no circumstances will the afore-mentioned data be the object or treatment by, or given to, Third-Parties without the previous knowledge and express, firm consent of the person involved.

Access to and use of this Website implies that the User totally accepts its Terms of Use. All Users must agree and comply with the Terms and Conditions contemplated in this Privacy Policy. By doing so, they state their total acceptance of those conditions contemplated in the Company’s Legal Warning, Conditions of Use and Cookie Policy subsections and, where appropriate, in the General and/or Particular Conditions subsections regarding the commissioning of any other services; all these documents will hereafter be referred to globally as the Applicable Legal Requirements.

The service provision of the Website is limited to that moment when any User is connected to the Website and to the services provided by the same; accordingly, Users should read the afore-mentioned Legal Requirements subsections very carefully every time he, or she, wishes to use the Website since said Conditions may be modified to incorporate new services conditions, legal pre-requisites and/or business requirements.

The current Privacy Policy will remain in force and valid regarding that data of a personal nature obtained through the use of this Website and other services provided by the Company. However, in the supposition that Users might formally register or otherwise associate themselves with our Website through a social network, Messenger or Instant Message Network and/or any other similar Social Network Communication Application, then it is assumed that the User fully accepts, authorises and abides to the supply of any data gathered by the network authorising that the afore-mentioned network also submits data according to those Terms contemplated by the Privacy Policy and the network and/or system and/or application that may be considered in each case, independently of whether it is the User’s responsibility to previously consult the afore-mentioned Policy and give his, or her, consent in the final instance.